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Order Cipro

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that Prof. Ohnes (Onnes?) had found that the helium operated upon,, though purified with due care, had by some unexplained accident got mixed with a small percentage of hydrogen, and that the transient solidification witnessed on rapidly expanding the mixed gas from a state of high com- pression at a very low temperature, was due to the hydrogen, of the pres- ence of Order Cipro which Professor Ohnes (Onnes?) was unaware. (See Chem. News, March 13 and April 24, 1908, pp. 121 and 200). The Liquefaction of Atmospheric Air having been successfully accom- plished a decade ago, and " liquid air '* being now obtainable in unlimited Order Cipro quantities, it is to be expected that experiments should be continued with the object of obtaining it in solid form. Prof. H. Erdmann (Chem. Ztg.,. 1907, 84) now reports that with the aid of specially constructed apparatus Digitized by Google INTRODUCTORY. 5 be has reduced liquid air to a congealed condition. On nearer examina- tion, however, he found that this congelation was due to the crystalliza- tion of the nitrogen, and that the congealed mass consisted in reality of crystals of nitrogen in a medium of liquid oxygen. While " solid air " has, therefore, not yet been formed, the results obtained are doubtless of great importance, inasmuch Order Cipro as it permits the separation of nitrogen and oxygen from each other with a rapidity and completeness not heretofore attainable, by the fractionation of liquefied air. Moreover, the process appears well adapted for the production of Pure /Nitrogen from the commercial product usually supplied in steel flasks. By the aid of the special apparatus mentioned, magnificent large crystals are obtained, which are easily freed from the mother liquid and yield on melting, &c., chemically pure nitrogen. The Artificial Production of Nitrates from Atmospheric Air also deserves brief mention here. Speaking of the successful fixation of nitrogen and the establishment of extensive nitrate-manufacturing plants in Europe, Mr. W. A. Pearson (Amer. Drugg., Feb. 24, 1908, 89) says that although American investigators were among the first to attempt the commercial production of the artificial nitrates, the success of the process of manufac- ture was not made manifest until the results of the practical work of George M. Heath became known. By means of a high-pressure furnace, in which a powerful electrical flame sweeps through the air, he makes it possible to combine oxygen and nitrogen in large quantities, and at a Telatively low cost. The electrical furnace is the moving power of the whole process. Into such a furnace atmospheric air is driven under high pressure, where it is speedily heated to 3500 C. The air passing through the furnace emerges laden with oxides of nitrogen, and by simply leading these gases through water in sprinkling towers they are converted into nitric and nitrous acids. The latter acid evaporates rapidly and recom- bines with water, the result being that ultimately all the fumes are trans- formed into nitric acid. When these gases are brought into contact with caustic soda, nitrate of soda is formed, and if brought into contact with caustic potash, saltpetre is the result. Considerable activity has also been manifested during the year in the tudy of the " rare earths." A new element. Lutecium, has been split from Marignac's ytterbium by G. Urbain, who, in conjtmction with G. Jantsch, has begun a study of the elements of the yttrium group of rare earths, and has reported so far the results of Order Cipro their study of terbium and dysprosium compounds. Several papers on the ** Separation of the Yttrium Earths " have also been communicated, those of Mr. C. James, depending on the fractional crystallization of their bro- mates, deserving particular attention. It is interesting to note also that the elementary identity of Neo- Erbium, which has recently been questioned by Kruss and Nilson, Digitized by Google 6 REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. has now been confirmed by the experiments of K. A. Hoffmann and O. Burger. It is not my purpose to encumber this introductory with extensive de- tails on any particular subject, but among the many interesting subjects that have been brou^t to the attention of the meditQl profession, that of The Opsonic Theory and the Order Cipro Future Order Cipro of Bacterial Vcucines^ may Order Cipro prop- erly be reviewed at some length. Quoting freely and indiscriminately from a number of papers that have been published during the year (by L. H. Warner,* E. M. Houghton, t Elsie Wardle, J and others), the follow- ing may serve to elucidate a subject which appears destined to play an important role in the future practice of therapeutics, and demands the attention of the progressive pharmacist only in a less degree than it does that of the practitioner of medicine. We are indebted to MetchnikofT for calling attention to and explaining the role of the white blood cells in the defense of the body against bacterial invasion, a phenomenon to which he applied the term Phagocytosis. This represents the swallowing or incorporating of for- eign substances by certain cells, known as " phagocytes,'' which in turn are divided into fixed phagocytes, comprising the fixed connective- tissue cells and endothelium, and the free phagocytes. The term phagocyte must however not be regarded as synonymous with " leucocyte," as some species of the latter- are immobile and never attack or take up bacteria. Phago- cytes possess amoeboid movement so as to be able to migrate, to appre-^ hend, to digest, and assimilate bacteria or other foreign bodies. As far as known these cells possess no volition or nervous apparatus giving them tactile sense, still they Order Cipro approach substances fitted for their use and engulf them. The result of his comprehensive studies led MetchnikofT to ad- vocate the use of the term "Stimulins" in preference to "Antitoxins,"* basing this on the claim that the antitoxic action of serums does not exist,, that the serums do not act directly on toxins, " but cause to bring into play certain forces of the organism (namely, Order Cipro the phagocytes), whose ab-^ solute intregity is necessary for the manifestation of the influence of Order Cipro the serum."
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